The Safest Retractable Extension Cord Reel & Cord


For every product you will buy, you will always want to know how safe you are while handling it. Especially electric appliances such as extension cord reels. Your safety is not a compromise otherwise when the product harms you, you will not use it to the maximum capacity. Giraffe research and product team has been working to ensure that their products have the best safety measures in the market. Yes, they have achieved much through the production of the giraffe retractable extension cord reel and cord. Several systems have been improved such as the Unique guide system amongst others below. When using a giraffe retractable extension cord reel, you are likely to realize how safe it is. The Cord reel has updated safety mechanisms to prevent harming you and improving its durability too.

Automatic and manual circuit breaker.

This is an upgraded feature of the giraffe retractable cord reel which has made it stand out in the market. The circuit breaker either can shut down manually or automatically. The circuit breaker prevents tripling and blowing out of fuses when the recommended voltage of power passes the limit. This automatic function will help you maintain your cord reel, the cables, the taps and the tools connected.

Adjustable cord stopper.

This adjustable cord stopper operates on a slow retracting technology and auto guide system. This auto guide system ensures that the cord that remains when the cord is fully retracted is always within reach.

Led lighted taps

Far from the leadlight showing the functionality status of the extension taps, it is a security factor too. This is because it makes the taps visible when operating in dim light or darkness. It also prevents stepping on the taps during dim light and this therefore will prevent you from shocks that would result from such hazardous events.

Safest mounting bracket

The giraffe retractable extension cord reel will come with a strong heavy-duty mounting bracket. This bracket ensures that the extension code reel remains firmly fixed to the wall, ceiling, or bench. This will prevent accidents such as falling off of the cord reel from the point of fixation.

Resistance to rust and wear

The Giraffe tools are made of a strong casing polypropylene material. This material is resistant to rust. Rust leads to wearing out of products. Working with rusted products is too dangerous it can easily cut you and cause further infections. Giraffe tools have settled that doubt for you and you, therefore, they remain your best choice.

All-weather giraffe extension cords

The giraffe extension cords are made of strong heavy-duty material. The SJTOW cord is the best you can have in the market. It has gone through vigorous factory tests that have proven its power and resistance to extreme weather conditions. They will not absorb water on wet grounds that would cause shock and dysfunction of equipment. This safety measure will allow you to have your connections intact even on rainy seasons without fear.

For safe retractable cord reel and cord, giraffe Tools have you settled.


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