A Beginner’s guide to buying a Pressure Water Hose


You’ve got a stunning garden, love for nature and admiration for its beauty. With passion comes responsibility and you are at a point where you are replacing your water hose pipe or buying it for the very first time. This is the point where you should make all the right decisions for your and your garden’s sake and by the time you finish reading this article, you will be able to make the right choice for your garden equipment with premium-grade SJTOW.

The Common Problems with handling a Pressure Water Hose:

To water your garden, you have to push a heavy hose out of your store, perform the impossible task of untangling it, connecting it to the water supply and now pulling it everywhere you need to water. OH! and don’t forget the part where the hose gets bent and you need to repeatedly fix it. After you are done, assemble the whole water hose back and carry it to your store again.

Why is a garden that is so mesmerizing, so hectic to maintain? Well, the bad days are over if you follow my advice right!

What to Focus on?

You need to focus on three things when making a purchase. Ease, Efficiency and Needs. Make sure that the whole process is easy, efficient, and serves all the purposes correctly. How can you ensure all these things?

You can get a hose reel and wrap around the hose every time you are done watering your garden. This will save you the trouble of untangling the hose. 

Also, ensure that the length of the water hose you buy is sufficient for your needs.

When choosing hose diameter, 1/4-inch is the most used and common pipe diameter. Since you are gardening, this will serve all your needs.

This seems like a great place to start with, right? Why don’t we aim for perfection here? What about a garden water pipe hose that automatically wraps back around when you are done watering, generates suitable pressure for gardening, and is sufficiently long. That sounds about perfect!

Striking Gold:

You can find a product at giraffetools.com. Instead of buying a water hose pipe for 70-100$ and a reel for another 70$, you can get the whole automated package in less than 180$. 

The water hose pipe from Giraffe Tools has a:

  • 30 feet power line and a 40 feet water hose pipe that can allow up to 70 feet of length.
  • A wall mount that can stick the pressure onto a wall, subtracting the fuss of carrying, moving, and assembling the hose every time.
  • Automatic Retractable System with reduced friction, that automatically pushes the pipe in.
  • A powerful 10AMP/1400W motor produces 1400PSI/1.28GPM spray force and is equipped with 20° and 40° nozzles. 
  • A cutting-edge polypropylene casing that is IPX5 waterproof that avoids kinking or twisting, and provides powerful water flow.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not. Investing in the right tool will help you enjoy your hobby and get efficient results without getting tangled in the daily fuss of the hectic procedure before finally giving up on your passion. That is the purpose of this article, to add value to your life! 


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