What Factors Affect The Cost Of Brazilian Human Hair Wigs?


The Brazilian human hair wigs are well-liked among wig lovers; because of their high quality. Also, the human hair wigs can be restyled, curled, dyed, and bleached. Thus, ensuring one can maintain different appearances. While in the market for Brazilian wigs, you will notice that they are priced differently. The different prices may be confusing to some. Therefore, below are some of the main factors that impact the cost of the wig.

1. Hair length of the Brazilian human hair wigs 

Generally, Brazilian wigs are made from hair cut from Brazilian women. Therefore, the longer the length, the highly-priced the wig will be. It is because long hair lengths take Brazilian women longer to grow than short lengths. Thus, short human hair lengths are cheaper compared to long ones.

2. Hair density

Different people love various hair densities for their wigs. There are some that like wigs that are fuller than others. The denser a wig is, the costly it will be. Hair density is the number of hair sewn in a single lace hole. Therefore, highly dense wigs require more hair than less dense wigs. The best way to confirm a wig’s density is by checking your supplier’s density chart. The density chart will ensure you know what to expect regarding pricing.

3. Purity and quality of the Brazilian human hair wigs

The Brazilian wigs can be 100% natural human hair or not. Some undergo processes such as machining, curling, and styling. Some of those procedures may impact the natural hair’s purity and quality. In addition, some of the operations may increase the longevity of the hair. Furthermore, the procedures cost money. Therefore, the procedures may impact the cost of the Brazilian human hair wigs.

4. The cap construction of the Brazilian human hair wigs

The various Brazilian wigs in the market are made using different wig cap construction styles. Some require more handwork than others. The three main types of cap construction include; full lace, lace frontal, and 360 lace cap. The full lace cap covers the whole head, while the lace frontal covers only the front part. Therefore, full lace wigs require more handwork than lace frontal. The more handwork needed, the more expensive the wig is.

5. Colored wigs

Normal human hair is either brown or black. But, the current wig trends ensure that wigs are available in various colors. Changing the color from black or brown requires various processes. Furthermore, the procedures need to make the color as natural as possible. The processes impact the wig’s cost of production, which in turn affects the overall cost.

6. Wig company

Different wig companies have different pricing styles. Therefore, the various companies available have different prices for their wig. Furthermore, the companies have varying promotional budgets. The promotion and marketing costs impact the cost of operations; thus, impacting the overall cost of the wigs.


The Brazilian human hair wigs are one of the best wigs available in the market. They look fabulous and have a very soft texture. In the market, you will find that the wigs are priced differently. The above factors play an essential role in their pricing.


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