How to Apply A Lace frontal Wig on Your Own

lace closure for wigs

The popularity of lace front wigs is not springing out of nowhere. These wigs are getting popular because of their qualities, colors, and natural appearance. Wearing a lace front wig today is almost a standard for anyone who loves to wear a wig. The lace arranged at the front of your lace front wigs is one of the main reasons why the wigs are becoming popular. The lace usually comes in different colors to suit diverse skin types. Likewise, some places have transparent colors that will sit properly on your skin, irrespective of your color.

The lace at the front of the lace wig also gives you the liberty to try out many styles, and it makes wearing the wig an easy task generally. It’s almost as easy as getting the hair ready and wearing the lace. Okay, it may not be that easy, but at least if you follow proper steps, you will fix your lace front wig on your own. Luckily, we will be discussing how to apply your lace front wig on your own. If you follow the steps in this guide, you wouldn’t need any expert or stylist to fix your lace front wig. Here are the steps

Ensure your hair is flat

We have our natural hair even when we want to wear wigs, except we have cut it for one reason or the other. However, no matter how full your hair is, you have to try as much as possible to make the hair flat. The more your hair is flat, the better your wig will sit and look more natural.

Ensure your skin is in great condition

Another thing you need to confirm before you apply the lace front wig is your skin condition. Do you have any skin allergies? Have you ever experienced any skin diseases in the past? These are questions you need to answer. If possible, you can try out a skin test to pick the best product.

Wear a cap

A stocking cap, better known as a wig cap, will help you flatten your hair more, but that is not the primary purpose. The main purpose of the stocking cap is to ensure your wig sits appropriately.

Clean skin

The hair will rest on your skin; also, you will tape and use adhesives on the same skin. Therefore, you need to clean your skin with a cleanser and dry it immediately.

Wear a wig and check

After doing all the earlier processes, you want to wear the lace front wig. The idea of wearing it this time is to ensure that the wig suits you properly and you can trim protruding laces usually in front.

Remove wig and Wear tapes or adhesive

If you want to apply a wig, you have to find a way that the wig will stick to your hair. There are two major ways; either you use a wig tape or an adhesive. Using wig tapes will ensure that your wig stays there for a short while. An adhesive, on the other hand, is for the longer term. Depending on your choice and your skin reactions, you can choose either one and wear your wig carefully.


Fixing your lace front wig on your own is no big deal. You can simply follow the process in this guide.


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