You are what you eat people!

BAD food choices fuel anxiety. The past two weeks I took a diet detour (what I would like to call it…basically I pigged out). I still maintained my 5 day a week workout routine. However,  I ate not just indulgent food…but POOR QUALITY food. I am talking Del Taco, In-N-Out, packaged pre-marinated and seasoned meat, and sugary desserts made with refined sugars. I ended up feeling super tired one day, then starting Wednesday of last week I started to feel a lot of anxiety. I was thinking negatively, feeling defeated, and some body issues started to rear their ugly head. Funny thing is, my husband who is void of any type of body issue, felt the same exact way!! He had anxiety, broke out in a rash, had trouble sleeping at night, and his body is still detoxing from his diet detour. I do most of the cooking in the house, so I usually prepare clean, whole, meals for us. Even when we have our cheat days, I use ingredients with nutritional value.

It is totally ok to indulge in food that is not “low in calories” or “low-carb” on cheat days, but focus on making smart choices. Make healthy burgers at home (using clean meat, whole grain buns and organic cheese), whole grain pizzas (using organic cheeses, meats, and veggies, and low sodium/sugar homemade pizza sauce)…etc! You name it, and there is probably a healthy (and delicious) way to make it!