Delicious Dames is a website designed to help shape the perceptions women have of themselves, the media, and overall body wellness. Our audience is anyone who embodies our mission to promote body wellness in America.

The Content on the site is meant to compliment and support any advice or treatment you may be currently undergoing from a health care professional. If you or someone you know has an Eating Disorder, seek professional attention immediately.



“We are defining what it means to love your body, be yourself, and to be beautiful from the inside out”

-Revecka, founder of Delicious Dames, Body Wellness Coach 


  • We are a community of like-minded women who want to be motivated to break free from bad lifestyle choices, and to make a positive impact on the wellness of future generations in America.
  • We want to be able to have the necessary life skills to help deal with the pressures of a women’s role in today’s society.
  • We want to create a strong network of other women with common interests, to offer group support to our members.
  • We are a group of women who want to help other women change their self-perceptions, and become self-aware of their bodies and minds.

Delicious Dames was founded by Revecka Natalia, a photographer & writer, who spent 13 years in the fashion industry as a personal shopper and stylist, before developing the concept for Delicious Dames.

She now dedicates her career to helping those with Eating Disorders and Low Self-esteem, through her artistic mediums of expression.

Adding to her creative work, Revecka is a Body Coach. Focusing on helping women and men, who are in recovery from various forms of eating disorders.


In 2012 Dame Apparel was founded. An extension of the brand, for women who are living the Dame lifestyle to be able to represent their beliefs and feel good. The goal with the apparel line is for women to feel empowered when they put it on. We want “being a DAME” to mean something powerful, feminine, and fun! Because that is what dames are!

It is a Active Wear line for women on the go, because we know our Dames work hard, and play hard. Leading an active lifestyle, focusing on all the positive things in life; Family, friends, adventures, hard work, and most importantly Body Love!