There are very few moments in my lifetime where I have been totally star-struck. Meeting Julie Kitchen, and getting to ask her ANYTHING I wanted to, has been one of them. did I snag this opportunity you ask? Well, let me tell you…Julie was here in California getting ready for her fight on the 18th with Miriam Nakamoto. Julie is a huge fan of Kat Von D  & her tattoo shop High Voltage Tattoo (the shop my husband, Khoi, tattoos at). Julie wanted to get a small tattoo to commemorate her trip to LA at the shop. SO, I just put myself out there and asked if I could interview her for the Delicious Dames…and she HUMBLY accepted (um…seriously…she is the COOLEST chick ever!). So BAM…just like that, I was in Julies world (and I was totally freaking out about it)!

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I’ve got to say,  interviewing “The Queen of Muay Thai” Julie Kitchen, has most definitely been a great milestone in life for me. These past two years, I have had a very hard time dealing with some personal issues, on top of loosing someone who was dearest to me then you could ever begin to imagine.

Starting my business from scratch and finding my drum to march to…finally closing some dark chapters of my life…and watching my cousin, Ian, immensely suffer from cancer for 15 months only to loose his battle 8 days before his 32nd birthday. These were all things that eventually led me through the doors of Sityodtong, for the first time.

Muay Thai really improved my focus, and helped me get back on track…with being ME! It boosted the confidence and admiration I had for myself, and helped rebuild what had broken down inside of me over the last few years. Not only because Muay Thai was a great exercise…but the culture, respect, and discipline needed to be involved in a sport like Muay Thai, helped me build back up the respect I had for myself. I am a true believer that in order to respect yourself, and receive respect from others…you must give respect.

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Julie Kitchen is a master in her art of Muay Thai. She is a true Muay Thai fighter. I am not only a huge fan of Julie’s because of her staggeringly impressive fight record, or because of that fact that she holds 14 WORLD TITLES in Muay Thai…I am a huge fan of Julie’s because she has overcome great adversity in her life being a woman, and a champion, in a mans sport. She has raised two incredibly inspiring daughters who are also no.1 in their weight divisions in Muay Thai. But most importantly to me, her overall attitude is one of great kindness and deep gratitude, and she is not afraid to feminine and to be herself.

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She has shown women all over the world that you do not have to be anything but yourself to be successful in life. To me, that is one of the biggest accomplishments…to have the ability to influence others, and to use that power for GOOD. Julie Kitchen is a true lady. Tough, smart, kind, and successful…and after meeting her, I think I have fallen even more in love with her.

I wanted to speak with Julie about her experiences with Body Image, what inspired her to get into Muay Thai and keep going so strongly, how she manages to keep her 13yr old daughters educated on Body Image as they enter young womanhood, and Body Image and Eating Disorders within the realm of sports.

Talking to Julie about issues relating Body Image was so important to me, because she is such an inspirational figure to women. She is also a trainer, and a motivator to women, so I know she has had first had experiences with women who may have an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, or low self-esteem.

I also really wanted to hear her story of success, the hurdles she had to climb, what contributed to her becoming a 14x Women’s World Champion, and how that inspired her to become the woman she is today.

Julie is Fighting THIS SATURDAY, August 18th in Pala CA @ The Pala Casino, against Miriam Nakamoto. This fight, so far, is one of the most talked about fights in Women’s Muay Thai. I am 100% positive, this time next week Julie Kitchen will be holding 15 WORLD TITLES.

I know the interview is a bit long, but I promise you all it is worth it!

Julie and I after our interview...I'm totally geeking out! Can you tell? hah!

















Enjoy! xox